Do not trust this organization! They lie about just about everything!


I contracted with them for a moose hunt and they didn’t keep a single promise that they made to me for the 2021 moose hunt in Newfoundland. They said there were moose absolutely everywhere because nobody had been hunting during Covid. So why didn’t I get one?! Because they book a lot more hunters than they have moose! Don’t believe their website! Or their YouTube. They talk a great game but they just don’t deliver!

I was promised a comfortable lodge, and what I got was furniture put together out of two by fours, a mattress, and an old sleeping bag that stank to high heaven in low hell. My grandfather housed illegal Mexican migrant workers in something better than this, in the depression! Thank God I brought my own sleeping bag.  The hot shower was freezing, so is the bathroom in general. The bunkhouse was wood heated and I was put in the room that was cleared down at the end of the hall where I got no heated all! After two days I was put out in what he called a “cabin.” It was a shack that was so filthy and filled with black mold I wouldn’t put a horse in there! No running water; just an outhouse! The mattresses were just pieces of foam, and they were filled with mold and wet on top of it. Thank God I brought my own sleeping bag and I had a waterproof groundcover, just in case!  See photos! He said, “it’s this or you get nothing!“

I came to find out Dean, the owner, wanted to get me out of the lodge so that he could close it down and send his other employees home and stop paying them. I hunted for five days and never even saw a moose, even a cow moose, until the last day. And then, the closest they could get me was 500 yards in a 50 mile an hour crosswind. I told him I couldn’t hit that range. The Guide responded “it’s this or nothing!“ I took two shots and realized it was hopeless.

 I were promised that I would be driven by Argo, a six wheeled vehicle, to the area where I would be hunting and I would walk from there. Never saw the Argo until the last day when I was driven out. I came to learn later that driving an Argo in this area for anything other than moving meat from a kill is illegal! So, on top of everything else he breaks the law. Sounds like a good way to get his hunters in trouble too.

Food: they promised me great food, I ate spaghetti and pork chops. For breakfast I had eggs and bologna! Once I was put in the cabin, I was fed leftovers! I talk to people who paid $1000-$1500 less that were eating steak and lobster for dinner and steak and eggs for breakfast (and they got a moose!). Lunch was a sandwich and a little kid’s bag of chips, the cheapest kind. Thank God I brought my own MREs. I was scheduled as the last hunter of the season. He knew good and well there would be no moose left by the time I got there, yet he was happy to take my money knowing that I would get nothing.

I asked if there was a partial refund or an adjustment on next year because I didn’t get a moose. He said “This was a successful hunt! You got a shot!” and “that’s why they call it hunting and not farming “. What he should’ve said was, “that’s why I call it hunting and not legalized stealing!“ he was nothing but a rip off. I never even saw a cow moose. I asked my guide how many years he had been guiding and he said this was his very first year!! He was hired because he was available. He normally worked construction. On top of everything else Dean is too lazy to even use proper pronunciation. Several times I had to ask him, “do you actually speak English?” Even his own employees said that he talks so rough they have a problem understanding him and they’re Newfoundlanders just like he is. I can’t recommend this man for anything whatsoever.

And I don’t recommend you hire him. Hire him at your peril! Good luck and good hunting!

Dean Promises: “commendations to fit your every expectation “. My expectations must’ve been dog crap!


    Steve Howard-former victim-Michigan